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Other Class Info


Grades are comprised of: Daily Work/Classwork, Quizzes and Tests.

Daily Work: Bellringer work (Chomps). Students work on these upon entering class. These are comprised of only a few questions per day. Typically, we discuss these and go over most answers orally. I collect these every week to grade. Students may bring these home each day if they choose to correct answers.

Classwork is occasionally assigned to assess student understanding. This will be completed in class. If not, students may bring this home to finish.

Quizzes: I try to give one quiz per week. Sometimes our content leads us into the 2-week range. Regardless, quizzes are ALWAYS open notebook/textbook. Students are encouraged to take as many notes as possible during class. They can use any and all notes taken on quizzes.

Tests: Students will have 2-3 test grades per 6-weeks. We will complete one writing assignment per 6-weeks, which counts as a test grade. Students will spend several days engaged in the writing process. Students will also receive a rubric to 'grade' themselves before I grade their writing. When it's time to grade writing, the students will conference with me and we will grade this together. 

Other tests will be Unit tests and cover material from the previous few weeks. Studyguides will be offered and students should complete these prior to taking Unit tests.

The Week In A Nutshell!  

November 7 - 11

We will continue reading Tangerine. By week's end, we will take our first quiz, covering pages 1-60.

We will continue practicing: characterizations, complex, compound and complex-compound sentences.