New Student Requirements

In order to enroll your child, the following must be provided prior to enrollment:


1.  Tennessee Certificate of Immunization (TN Green Card, obtainable from local Health Dept. 331 West Main St. (423) 586-6431.


2.  Proof of legal guardian's address (showing student resides with legal guardian in West View's school zone; for example, you may show an electric bill, utilities statement, a legally binding home lease with guardian's name and address, or change of address from post office). At least TWO separate documentations must be submitted before a student will be enrolled.


3.  Proof of birth - one of the following forms:

  • Birth Certificate issued by a government
  • Passport issued by any nation
  • Immigration Document
  • Decree of adoption or other records issued by a court
  • Other official documentation showing date of birth and parent names

Requested if available: Social Security Card

4.  Any legal, medical, and/or special services documents concerning the welfare of the student which the school may need to better serve your child


5.  Withdrawal papers from your previous school (showing all debts paid, books returned, grades, absences, discipline, test scores, etc. These papers must be submitted if a student is transferring during the school year from another school.)


The legal guardian must register the student in person during a meeting with the principal and guidance counselor. All registration papers must be signed and dated by the legal guardian. In case of DCS custody, the child's case worker must be present at registration. Registration of the child must be accompanied by court documents in the case of any disputes of custody between any parties.
**Please be aware that in accordance with TN state law 1200-14-1-.29 no person shall be permitted to attend ...grades kindergarten through twelve of any public, private, or church related school until proof of adequate immunization against...This includes 2 doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella for grades K-12 and Hepatitis B for students entering the 7th & 8th grades.
As afforded under TN state law, if any person misrepresents his or her residence or address and the child is found to reside out of zone, the guardian shall be liable to reimburse the school system for the expenses of educating his or her child(ren).

Guidance Fax: (423) 585-3845