Student Drop off/Pick up


Students will enter the school through the gym lobby doors.  

  • If they would like to have breakfast, they will need to go the cafeteria, then report to the gym when they are finished eating. 
  • Students will wait in the gym until they are released to class at 7:50 AM.
  • Tardy bell will ring at 8:00 AM.


  • Car Riders:  Students will be dismissed to the gym at 3:00 PM.  Teachers will be stationed outside to call students from the gym to their cars. Please be sure to pull up beyond the door entrance to allow more cars to be loaded at one time.  (The teacher outside will help to show you how far up to move your car)


  • Bus Riders:  Early bus riders will be released to the cafeteria at 2:55 PM.  Remaining bus riders will be released at 3:05 AM.  All buses load from the back door of the cafeteria. 


** For more information, please see diagram below. **

Drop off/Pick up Map